Unlocking insights into yacht values over time (all prices in GBP)

BoatCurves shows you yacht valuation with age of vessel (boat depreciation curves) based on YachtWorld listing data.

Welcome to BoatCurves, your go-to resource for understanding yacht depreciation and yacht value over time. We provide interactive charts and best fit lines that showcase how yacht values evolve over time. Whether you're a buyer or seller, our data-driven insights can guide you in making informed decisions.

Adjust filters below to see makes and lengths that interest you:
1. Makes: select which brands you want to include. At least one needs to be selected.
2. Set length: filter to specific lengths. Note the length used is that provided in the Yachtworld listing, not the model name.
3. Highlight new in last 'x' days: this will draw a red border around any data points added in the last x (e.g. 7) days.

This is a hobbiest project. The "To Do" list is long! See below. Let us know what other features you would like in the comments below.

To Do List:
- Allow user to select base currency (currently GBP)
- Add range slider for first capture date
- Mark status (i.e. sold, delisted, etc)
- Add in more makes (which ones?)